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Happy Birthday Joel Katz!  Love always, Mom, Dad, Jacob & Jordan


February 9, 2007

21 Shevat, 5767


Dear Parents:


An important part of our elementary school is giving our students the opportunity to be leaders.  Be it playing on an after school sports team or performing for our grade level presentations, the students enjoy the challenge of leading and contributing to our school.  In particular, the fifth grade experiences the responsibility of leadership through the Delet l’Mitzvah program. 


One member from each group has been sharing the groups work with the full school during our morning Pledge exercises that starts every day in school.  I am proud to share their words with you.


Energy Audit Committee – Advisor: Mr. Greg Tobkes


We, in the fifth grade, formed a committee called Energy Audit. Energy Audit is led by Mr. Tobkes, our Science teacher.  An Energy Audit is when you preserve energy for a specific cause.  In Energy Audit, we record the temperatures on the thermostats in every classroom in the school. 

We also go to the boiler room in the basement of our school to check the boiler’s temperature. We have recorded that the school has been using too much energy and we should preserve more because, if not, we will not have any energy to survive. We would like to thank you for helping us save energy in the school by participating in turning off lights when you leave the room and when it is hot in the room, lower the thermostat, instead of opening the windows.


Sababa Committee – Advisor: Ms. Lizet Romano


There are many different committees.  I’m on the Sababa committee.  The purpose of the committee is to decorate the school nicely.  I chose this committee because I want to make the school attractive for other students.  When you enter school, you will see our new friend Guy.  He is wearing a shirt with a drawing of Israel and trees.  We are going to change Guy’s outfits every season.  We are also making a special bulletin board to share special pictures and examples of students’ work.



Morning Announcement Committee – Advisor: Philip Dickstein


The fifth graders on the Friday Announcements Committee give the school news updates such as birthdays, results of school sports games, and holidays that day, or coming up.  There are about seven people on this committee. We get most of our information by checking our school calendar. It is very important to us that everyone in the school is up to date with what’s going on inside and outside of school. The Friday Announcements Committee is looking forward to updating the school all throughout the rest of the year.


Recycling Committee – Advisor: Ms. Orit Yair


Good morning, we are representatives of the 5th Grade recycling committee. This week we will come to your class with a bin and a contract for your class. Please remember this is not garbage, no tissues or crumpled paper is allowed. Each week we will collect the bins. The point of this project is to stop the world from cutting down trees.


Donating Unopened Food – Advisor: Ms. Amanda Shyman


Our group will be donating leftover food from the cafeteria. The third, fourth, and fifth grade lunch period will be collecting food to donate to a soup kitchen. The collected food will be non- perishable, which means it doesn’t have to be refrigerated, and won’t spoil easily. Some examples could be any type of closed bagged snacks, unopened drinks or water bottles and granola bars.   The food we are collecting is leftover food from your lunches that you do not want to eat. Instead of throwing it out, donate it. You don’t need to bring a lot of food to donate; this is just if you have leftovers from your regular lunch. Thank you for your help and doing the mitzvah feeding the hungry.


Tzedakah Committee – Advisor: Ms. Lizet Romano


Over the semester the Tzedakah Committee will be making new projects and coming up with new ideas to help the needy such as raising money for the Israeli soldiers to buy special boots that are needed.  The money will be given to the organization “Operation Big Shoes”.  Another project we will be working on is colleting throw blankets.  We are now in the process of finding an organization to send them to.  We hope all our children will participate in our upcoming projects and will be inspired to give to charity and help the less fortunate.


Pesach Food Drive – Advisor: Ms. Charlene Seidman


Our group will organize a Passover Food Drive in our school to provide Kosher food for the hungry people on Long Island.  We will work with Long Island Cares, which is an organization that provides food to many soup kitchens on Long Island.  They will come to our school on March 12 and run workshops for the fifth graders, so we can understand what it means to not have enough food for our family.



Final reminder:  In last week’s Friday letter, I mentioned that we will be using the same schedule for the upcoming Parent-Teacher conferences on Thursday evening, March 8 and during the day on Friday, March 9 as we used in the fall.  If you need a different time, you must call the school by this Monday.  Otherwise, you will be assigned the same time you were given in the fall. Thank you for your cooperation.


Shabbat shalom,



Philip Dickstein






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