All SSLI High School students are required to fulfill a minimum number of community service hours every year.  Students may choose to volunteer at synagogues, community centers, nursing homes or even help in and around school.  Students must diversify their hours in at least two different projects over the couse of the year.

Students can complete hours during the summer for the upcoming school year.  For example, a 9th grader can begin earning hours in the July before they begin their freshman year.

9th Grade 20 Hours
10th Grade 20 Hours
11th Grade 25 Hours
12th Grade 30 Hours
TOTAL 95 Hours


Students must remember:

1) A maximum of 90% of the hours may be completed in any one given project or program.  

2) A maximum of 90% of the hours may be completed during the summer.

Community service forms must be completed in their entirety, including a signature from the student, their parent and the supervisor of the community service project.  If a student receives a letter of acknowledgement for their work.  That letter will suffice for supervisor's signature and must be attached to a completed official SSLI community service form with parent and student signatures.

Blank forms are available in the main office at school, or you can download one here.

If you have any questions regarding community service, please email Mike Hirsch:

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