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June 5, 2019

June 05, 2019
By Eden Z. , Michey D. and Michelle D.

Hey y’all. Eden Z. and Michey D here. Today we woke up at 5:40 and began the day with some fun activities. We chose to go on a beautiful bike ride tour of the surrounding area of @kibbutz_ketura where we saw the kibbutz’s solar farm, date trees and even got to play on mini sand dunes. For those who opted not to go on the bike ride, there was also dessert oil painting and decoupage as other activity options. After our morning activities and prayers, we had a big breakfast full of delicious pancakes. Following breakfast we headed to Yotvata Park and the dairy store of a nearby Kibbutz Yotvata. There we had much needed ice cream and Shoko Bsakit. After that we headed even down South to Eilat and we began our adventure there at the refreshing Ice Mall where we had pizzur lunch and shopping time. After a satisfying lunch, we went snorkeling in the Red Sea coral reefs where we saw interesting wildlife including rainbow fish and eve rare snake-like creatures. (TBC in the next post...) 


After snorkeling and a short time at the beach, we traveled back up north and took a bathroom/snack/iced drinks break at another mall. Before we knew it, we were heading to the majestic Kasui Sand Dunes of the Negev. We hiked a short while to the top of a huge sand dune, where we had tons of fun running and jumping around in the sand. Afterward we took a moment to reflect by ourselves and take in the desert scene. Then we walked a bit to our dinner destination (still in the Negev) where with the help of Yosef we cooked our own pitas and ate a delicious Israeli dinner. Afterward we celebrated Michelle S.’sn birthday and Abi W.’s upcoming birthday with balloons and candy! We finished dinner with delicious s’mores, and that’s when Eden and I decided to take a walk deeper into the desert and enjoy the beautiful scenery, including the vast desert and the beautifully starry sky. We had so much fun just looking up at the sky above us and taking a pause from the rest of the group and the noise. We had meaningful conversations, but also allowed ourselves to listen to the wonderful silence of the desert. We both really enjoyed our time spent together in the desert and it was most definitely our rose (highlight) of this week. We only wish everyone took the opportunity to separate themselves and enjoy the scenery and the silence. The rest of the group finished their night by singing songs around the campfire, while Eden and I (and even Itzik for a little while) laid on the desert floor and contemplated everything around us. All in all we had an amazing day in Eilat and an even more amazing evening in the desert and we can’t wait for the rest of the trip yet to come.
Signing off and kudos if you read all of this,

Eden Z. and Michelle D.❤️

June 4, 2019

June 04, 2019
By Ayden L.

Happy Tuesday!

We started off our morning bright and early with a 4am wake up at the Bedouin tents. We then took a quick 30 minute drive to the base of Masada, where we climbed up the Roman Ramp. This is the trail that the Roman army created when they were attacking the Jews at Masada. Itzik taught us about how King Herod used Masada as a fortress and how they stored food and water to make the land habitable. Someone reminded us that this is the stuff we learned about in Rabbi’s 10th grade Jewish History! Then it was time to take the hot and sweaty 45 minute hike down the Snake Trail and onto breakfast at the Masada Youth Hostel. Next stop was Ein Gedi where we walked for about 15 minutes to these beautiful waterfalls that we got to run through and cool off. Afterwards, we finally got to see the Dead Sea!! Everyone loved floating in the salty water and rubbing the mineral mud all over their faces! Next, we took a 2 hour drive down to Kibbutz Ketura, our home for the next 2 nights, and learned about what it takes to make a kibbutz work. Lastly, we enjoyed a lovely barbecue dinner and some refreshing pool time. It was such an exciting day and we can’t wait for what tomorrow brings us when we head down to Eilat!

Bye guys!
Ayden L.

June 3, 2019

June 03, 2019
By -Samuel L. and Alexander Z.

After a week spent in Jerusalem, started to head further south. Before doing so, we visited Yad Lakasheesh where we met seniors who made arts and crafts for a living. Doing something they truly enjoyed. After walking though their workshops we had the chance to buy some their amazing artwork.

After visiting yad lakasheesh we decided to go back in time and visit Neot Kedumim (The biblical park), where built fire and made lunch as if we were living without gas powered stoves, recipes, or electricity. We enjoyed our authentic meal and then went to practice our sheep and goat herding skills, just like Abraham avinu and Moshe rabeinu.

We finally started to head south and drove for two hours and arrived at the Bedouin tents. From there we dropped off our bags and went to go ride camels, just like Abraham avinu and Moshe rabeinu. Itzik then thought us about Bedouin culture because it's eid-el-fitr and the Bedouin are taking a day off. Iztik then led us to a delicious Bedouin style feast.

After an hour of free-time we ventured into the darkness of the desert, just like Abraham avinu and Moshe rabeinu, and stared at the stars for a few minutes. We circled up after some personal time and learned about how people like Abraham avinu and Moshe rabeinu used the stars to navigate through deserts.

After a long day of nature we now prepare for a 5-hour nap before getting ready to hike masada, just like the Romans.

-Samuel L. and Alexander Z.

June 2, 2019

June 02, 2019
By -Lyndsay L. and Michelle S.

We woke up bright and early and headed out to @leket_israel , a food bank. We climbed trees and picked approximately 400kg of fresh peaches, which will be distributed to the needy. It got really hot so we took a quick drive to the nearby Ben and Jerry’s where we ate full pints of delicious ice cream. But we didn’t stop there! We got back on the bus and drove out to Old Yafo where we walked around and found a nice shady area to eat some yummy shawarma for lunch. We took pictures of the beautiful view overlooking the water and then headed back to the bus to make our way to the Palmach Museum. There, we learned about the hardship and dedication that the first soldiers put into establishing the state of Israel. After, we drove back to Jerusalem where we changed into blue and white clothes and got ready to celebrate Yom Yerushaliam. We ate a quick dinner and then walked down the streets where we sang and danced with everyone celebrating Israel. Although we are sad to be leaving Jerusalem tonight we can’t wait to start our journey down to the south tomorrow! 


Lilah Tov!
-Lyndsay L. and Michelle S.

June 1, 2019

June 01, 2019
By -Eliana S.

Last night and today, we celebrated Shabbat in Jerusalem. We welcomed the holiday with Kabbalat Shabbat and Maariv at a beautiful lookout point in Yemin Moshe and after that, we returned to the hostel to have a nice dinner.

This morning, we had four synagogue options, including The Great Synagogue, the Italian Synagogue, Ohel Nechama, and Yemin Moshe Ashlenazi. I chose to attend services at The Great Synagogue, which is an Orthodox synagogue that has German origins and a choir that assists the cantor in leading many of the prayers. The choir is comprised of men who sing in harmony to enhance the services, and I can earnestly say that I have never heard anything similar to that in a synagogue before.

After everyone returned from shul, we had lunch and a lot of free time. In Jerusalem, many people observe Shabbat, but because Jerusalem is a big city, there are also those who drive and play music outside.

To conclude Shabbat, we had se’udat shlishit, or Saturday night dinner, and sang several zmirot, or Jewish songs, before making havdalah. After that, we went to Ben Yehudah Street to walk around, eat more food, and buy gifts. We even got to see some alumni - Zach ‘18, Matt ‘13 and Yael our shinshin from last year!

I have spent Shabbat in Jerusalem before, and I have spent a lot of time with my grade, but combining both of these experiences is something so special that not many can say that have done. Although I know that the upcoming week will be filled with other amazing activities, I cannot wait for another Shabbat in Jerusalem with my friends.

-Eliana S.

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