SSLI 1st Graders receive their Siddur

SSLI 2nd Graders

SSLI 2nd Graders take center stage in putting on Tu B'Shevat program and seder where they sing songs, haiku poetry,  and skit performance


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3rd Grade Chumash Play



4th Grade Play

In the beginning of 2015, under the direction and guidance of Mrs. Elana Stern, the SSLI 4th grade students envisioned, conceived, and wrote an unbelievable play about the historical origins of the Jewish people through time and space, entitled "The United Class of a United People".  Featuring 6 different cultural groups- Babylonian, Yeminite, Persian, Sephardic, Ashkenazi and Ethiopian- the play captured the struggles our people faced throughout history and the common determination we all had to survive.  

The students studied the history and culture of each group and then wrote an original skit and song that was presented at the play.  They all sang in 5 languages!  It was filled with humor and wit, pathos and drama- much like the Jewish history. 

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5th Grade Kabbalat Tanach 

In celebration of receiving their first Tanach (Bible), the 5th grade students put together a program that includes singing, playing instruments and reading passages from their Tanach for their parents and relatives.  

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