All students in grades K-5 experience 2-3 day field trips throughout the year, which are connected to and bring to life the curriculum that they study.  Classes attend theatres, museums, planetariums, and historically significant sites on Long Island and in New York City.  For example, as part of their studies of the immigrant experience, the 5th graders travel to The Statue of Liberty and Lower East Side, while as part of their computer programming studies, they take a trip to Google's New York Headquarters in the Flat Iron District.

Additionally all students in Grades 2-5 travel to NYC to a major museum to experience the works of art they had studied in our art appreciation program, "Learning to Look."  For more on "Learning to Look," please click here.


4th Grade Project Adventure (click here for photo gallery) - In the fall of each year our fourth graders  to Project Adventure at the BOCES Outdoor and Environmental Education Center located in Brookville. The students participate in activities where they learn to trust one another and problem solve.   These activities facilitate personal and interpersonal growth (communication, problem-solving, trust-building, risk-taking, and cooperation). 

Some of the Teambuilding Activities include:

  • Low Challenge Course: New Games, Initiatives and Low Elements
  • Challenge Course: Ropes Experience
  • Survival
  • Orienteering

Overnight trips begin in 5th grade and continue throughout the Schechter LI experience.

5th Grade Teva Trip at Camp Isabella Freedman - Teva integrates outdoor environmental education with Jewish concepts and values through exciting hands-on activities in a cooperative residential setting. Teva students develop a greater sense of responsibility, independence, and self-esteem. Students come away from this experience excited about the natural world and more knowledgeable about what Jewish tradition has to contribute to our understanding of the environment. Over the course of 4 days and 3 nights, students participate in outdoor learning about earth sciences, plant and animal life, and the connections between them that allow ecosystems to function. Through experiential activities, they also explore Jewish wisdom in humanity’s role in Creation. At TEVA, our 5th graders participate in group challenges, which promote communication, trust, and creative problem solving. They also take "electives" such as drama, music, arts and crafts, cheese making, movement, survival skills, meditation, and more, through which students learn that Torah is not only studied on a page but is brought to life in practical application in the world. Click here for Photo gallery.

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