Jewish Life

SSLI is a religiously rich and diverse community and we acknowledge and celebrate that in home family practices vary widely. For the purpose of functioning as a cohesive school community, in school practices as well as out of school events that are extensions of school life, such as birthday parties and B’nai Mitzvah, we follow the philosophy and practice the Rabbinical Assembly and its Committee on Jewish Law and Standards.

Prayer is a part of everyday life in school, and holiday preparations are part of our school life. Eating is also a part of everyday life in school. The recitation of B’rachot (blessings) before and after meals, and on other occasions, are emphasized, as are other mitzvot, such as giving tzedakah (giving of money to the needy), and acts of chesed (acts of kindness). In our school, we actively teach and promote the observance of these mitzvot , both in school and at home. Every family ultimately decides for itself how they choose to observe Jewish life at home, and we request that families be aware and sensitive to making their home a welcoming place for their fellow Schechter families.





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