“It is every individual’s duty to avoid whatever is injurious to the body and cultivate habits conducive to health and vigor.”
Maimonides (1135-1204 CE) Mishneh Torah: Laws Re: Moral Dispositions and Ethical Conduct


Interscholastic sports at the upper school are an integral component of the educational program and develop kinesthetic skills through competitive teamwork.  Emphasis is placed on learning the particular skillsets of the various sports games and striving together to perform well.  Students learn that excellence is achieved through self-discipline, dedication, hard work, focus and that competition /cooperation go hand in hand.  The athletic program augments the academic program and demonstrates that:

•    athletic competition provides opportunities to learn and sets the stage for future success;
•    real, lasting satisfaction comes  from working to one’s best capacity;
•    self-worth and self-confidence are by-products of hard work;
•    problem solving and decision making are integral components of every skillset;
•    successful performance on the field of play is the result of collaboration;
•    it is in the best interest of students to constantly utilize skills already acquired to retain and improve upon them;
•    effective use of time is a pre-requisite for successful outcomes;
•    “practice does make perfect”;
•    good sportsmanship and good citizenship are comprised of the same values; and
•    commitment, endurance, motivation, and hard work are personally and socially gratifying.

While winning is a natural goal in the pursuit of excellence, the principles of good sportsmanship, safety, Jewish values and the enjoyment of competition take precedence at all times and enhance the educational value of contests.








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