Involvement in co- and extra-curricular activities at Schechter School of Long Island offers our students a rich menu of opportunities to enhance their personal, social, religious, and intellectual development. Students who choose to become involved in any aspect of Student life:
  • Take greater pride in our school as an institution of learning.
  • Experience the school as a safe environment in which to explore goals and interests and to learn new skills.
  • Cultivate enhanced interpersonal, communication, team-building, and leadership skills.

Student life at Schechter  School of Long Island incorporates the foundations of Judaism - gemilut chasadim , loving, and respecting one another, teaching and living the words of Torah - with student development theory. Students often create and develop their own extra-curricular activities as an offshoot of their academic experience. Thus, they take ownership of their pursuits, developing strong leadership and team participation skills in the process.

Student Life participants are able to gain real-world work experience in the comfort of their academic institution, and are offered the opportunity to socialize and learn together through their activities. In short, students involved in Student Life enrich not only their lives, but the life of the greater Jewish community as well.

At the Schechter School of Long Island you will find Shabbaton weekends, family education programs, dances, holiday programming, dinners, and days of learning focused on particular topics.

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