Emergency School Closings
When poor weather conditions are predicted, the forecasts are monitored closely to enable us to make a decision to open or close our schools as early as possible. Many factors contribute to this decision. Weather factors include: when will the inclement weather begin, how much snow/sleet is anticipated, and when will the conditions end? Most importantly, will the buses be able to transport your children safely to and from school. Our first and foremost concern is the safety of our students and staff.
In the event that it becomes necessary to close the schools due to inclement weather or an emergency situation, the following TV and radio station will broadcast this information:
  • Families who have enrolled in our automated One Call Now messaging system will receive a telephone call to all submitted telephone numbers concerning school closings and other important information. It is important that your contact information is up-to-date, therefore, if your phone number has recently changed, please contact the school by emailing to verify our records. A “Constant Contact” email message will also be sent to the Schechter community.
  • TV and radio stations will broadcast this information
    • TV-Channel 12 News  -You will hear us listed as “Solomon Schechter Day School, Williston Park”
    • Verizon FIOS Channel 1 News
    • Radio Station – 1010 WINS
  • Information will be posted on our web site at
During weather related emergencies, the TV and radio stations receive numerous calls from both public and private schools. This can delay the announcement of our school closing or delayed opening. Therefore, we urge you to check our web site frequently and remind you to click on the “refresh” button to be sure you have the latest message.
  • When school is closed or there is an early dismissal, all after school events are canceled.
  • Please be sure that your emergency contact information is always current in the event we are unable to reach you and must contact your emergency number.
  • Please remember that every effort is made to keep parents informed through all sources of communication.
Reopening Plan