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Sacred Heart students launch interfaith community service

April 27, 2016
By SSLI Communications

As see in the online publication The Garden City News, here

Founded by Garden City residents, Caroline and Elizabeth Tully (twin sisters and Juniors at Sacred Heart Academy, Hempstead), Common Ground is a community service and educational initiative that builds bridges across religious, spiritual and philosophical diversity to strengthen our communities and build a better world.

Common Ground encourages high school girls to learn about various religions, and spiritual perspectives, engage in interfaith cooperation, and act together for the common good of the Long Island community. As described by Elizabeth and Caroline Tully, “Common Ground provides a strong affirmation that the world’s religions have a common ethic of peace and justice - and by working together in understanding - our generation can use our faith to help create peace in the world.”

As a student-led effort, Common Ground is a tri-school partnership that includes Sacred Heart Academy, an allgirls Catholic high school in Hempstead, the Crescent School (Hempstead), a co-ed Muslim high school and the Schechter School (East Williston), a conservative Jewish high school.

This year, the three high schools will undertake a two-pronged inter-faith program that will include two important activities:

- An Educational Forum that will feature panel discussions and interfaith workshops led by faith leaders and students from the Catholic, Muslim and Jewish high schools

- A community service project that will support THE INN (Interfaith

Nutrition Network) in Hempstead, NY. THE INN is a non-profit, volunteer-based organization that addresses the problems of hunger and homelessness on Long Island.

Sacred Heart Academy juniors, Elizabeth and Caroline Tully, described their motivations for creating and organizing the Common Ground program: “So many problems in today’s world stem from religious misunderstandings. We wanted to bring different high school girls together of different faiths and start the conversation by joining together and talking about our similarities and differences. Our goal is to share our different perspectives, foster a spirit of respect and understanding and join together to help make the world a better place. We hope that our legacy to Sacred Heart Academy will be that Common Ground will be an ongoing inter-faith campaign that will expand and grow for years to come.”

Breaking (unleavened) Bread

April 20, 2016
By SSLI Communications

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Private Schools Welcome NY Aid

April 03, 2016
By SSLI Communications

Schechter quoted in yesterday's Newsday article regarding: state budget for non-public schools

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