Quality Adult Jewish Study for the Long Island Community
All Are Welcome!

The premier beit midrash in NYC, Mechon Hadar, is partnering with SSLI for the first time to offer adult learning in our community.

Through Project Zug, you will choose a topic of study of interest to you and be matched with partners studying the same topic. Together with your partners, you will study texts, be challenged by deep questions, and view videos of leading rabbis and educators as they teach and grapple with these texts.

Join us as we deepen our relationships with one another and deepen our understanding of Jewish thought.

Project Zug provides a flexible and engaging format. Therefore, we are turning to you to hear when and where you want to study. Click here to take a brief Survey.  Watch this clip of Jon Adam Ross, one of the outstanding Project Zug instructors, and see for yourself how dynamic Project Zug will be.  

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