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Schechter Alum Profile: Jennifer Pavane Kenter, SSLI Class of 2002

January 17, 2014
By SSLI Communications

This month we profile Jennifer Pavane Kenter, Class of 2002.  Jennifer is an attorney at the law firm of Cooley LLP. After Schechter, Jennifer received her undergraduate degree in history from the University of Pennsylvania, and then received her law degree from Yale Law School.  Jennifer currently lives in New York City with her husband, Doron Kenter, and practices litigation at the law firm Cooley LLP.   She joined the Firm in 2010 and is resident in the New York office. 



What was your favorite memory of Schechter?

Jennifer: One of my strongest memories is of the strong sense of community that I felt at Schechter.  Schechter always made you feel that you were a part of something that everyone was in together, including students, teachers and staff.  Maybe you don’t appreciate thatit enough when you are in school, but you definitely miss it when you  go on to bigger places.

Who was your favorite teacher?

Jennifer: I credit Doc Rabino for my decision to go into l (my decision to go into) Law.  Doc was a teacher who always cared about her students and took interest in them outside of the classroom, too.  During my After our debates over whether Holden Caulfield was a “typical teenager” in Mrs. Fisher’s freshman year English class, Doc told me I had to join the mock trial team she was forming at the time.  I agreed mostly because I was scared to say no to a teacher I knew I’d have the next year, but that decision truly informed a lot of what I did later on in life.  I loved participating in the Mock Trial program at Schechter, and went on to compete on mock trial teams both as an undergraduate and law student, as well as to coach mock trial.  If not for that experience, I don’t know that I would have gone to law school or ended up where I am today. 

What clubs/activities were you involved in in HS?

Jennifer: Mock Trial, Theater Club,  with Naomi Bernsterin and SADD.

Have you stayed in touch with other alumni?  If so, who?

Jennifer: I still count some of my Schechter friends as my best friends.  Julia Arazi (MS, 1998) was the maid of honor in my wedding, Leora Skolnik (HS 2002) signed my ketubah, and both Erica Rotstein (HS 2002) and Jonathan Chariton (HS 2002) took part in the sheva brachot during the ceremony.  In fact, just this weekend I had dinner with Jonathan and his wife, and watched the Golden Globes with Erica!

What was the one thing you learned at Schechter that has stuck with you?

Jennifer: I learned a sense of always working for your community; of being a part of something on which you can have an impact.  Schechter taught me that you must be willing to step up and take part in your community, because it will only be what you make it.

Have you stayed involved in the Jewish community?

Jennifer: Definitely - I actually met my husband at the Hillel at Penn,UPENN Hillel, and I am now on the Board of my shul in Manhattan, Congregation HabBonim.

What would you like to say to our current students? 

Jennifer: Appreciate Schechter while you have it.  Make the most of the opportunities you have and, if you want, create something that doesn’t exist at the school.  Take advantage of being in a small place that will let you make it your own and do whatand doing whatever you want (within limits.)



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