Welcome to the upper division of the Schechter School of Long Island. One of the premiere Jewish day schools in North America, Schechter embraces the philosophy of Conservative Judaism - a philosophy that calls for adherence to Halachah (Jewish law), rigorous scholarship, intellectual and social pluralism. We are a family in which each child is celebrated and nurtured.  We are also a community, rallying in times of trouble and celebrating in times of joy.

Schechter offers a true blending of academics and values education through a rigorous dual curriculum that combines the best of secular and Judaic studies. Rather than separating these two halves, we deliberately schedule classes throughout the day to reflect the interwoven texture of our program.  Interdisciplinary studies are a hallmark of a Schechter education, one that nurtures both a student’s intellectual development and Jewish soul.

Here at Schechter, we are constantly innovating, both within the academic day and the rich extracurricular options.  Science, technology, engineering and math are constantly growing and evolving, starting with E2K (an optional after-school science and math enrichment program for middle schoolers) and moving into the Sci-Tech Engineering Program at the high school.

Critical thinking plays a major role throughout the curriculum, whether in Jewish Courts, Advanced Talmud, English Literature or Global History. Students are called upon to look at the world through varied lenses, tackling ethical dilemmas, examining the roles of the individual in society, and exploring the ever-widening “Spheres of Obligation,” which are at the core of our Jewish identity.

Graduates of the Schechter School of Long Island continue their education at the finest universities throughout the nation. We work hand-in-hand with parents and Jewish leaders throughout the community to cultivate young adults well equipped to step forward as the next generation's visionaries and leaders.

I invite you to contact me with any questions or to arrange a tour of our campus. We are so proud of what we do here every day and would love to share this experience with you.


Ofra Hiltzik
Upper School Principal

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