E2K - Science and Math Enrichment


CIJE has partnered with the Israel Center for Excellence in Education (ICEE) to bring the Excellence 2000 (E2K) program to Jewish day schools in the United States.

E2K is a program designed for middle school students who are interested, highly motivated and talented in mathematics and/or science. The purposes of the program are to increase student interest, involvement and literacy in math and science; “to help learners learn how to learn,” and to emphasize logical mathematical thinking and experimental scientific thinking. The E2K curriculum is inquiry-based and problem-centered. The curriculum, created by the Israel Arts and Science Academy, integrates math and science in each unit. The activities are always hands-on and developing problem-solving strategies and new ways of thinking are stressed.  E2K meets after school for 90 minutes per week and is attended by students after a rigorous testing and interviewing process.  Attendance is mandatory and two absences result in dismissal from E2K.

Through fun research projects, mind-bending math problems and international competitions, puzzles and challenges, middle school students participating in the E2K program find themselves engaged and ready to take on further math and science opportunities. With E2K classes, students are encouraged to focus on the process of problem-solving rather than the results. E2K lessons take place in class and also as part of free extra-curricular programs.


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