The College Counseling Office offers an active, hands-on approach to all aspects of the college decision-making and application process. We focus on multiple interactions with our students and our services are individualized.

The program begins in ninth grade when students are assigned their college counselor who will follow them for the four years of high school.  The counselors do a brief introduction to the important variables in the college process. The discuss academic progress, extracurricular activities, and provide social-emotional support. An evening program called College 101 is planned for all ninth-grade students and their parents.

In tenth grade, students are taught how to use the college search program called Naviance. The counselors continue to provide social emotional support as well as academic counseling. An evening is planned for tenth grade students and parents called College 201.

Early in the eleventh grade, College 301 is an evening program for parents given by the counselors, which introduce the college decision-making process.

In February, families from tenth and eleventh grades are invited to a College Information Program given by a College Admissions Representative from a college to which our students frequently apply.

In eleventh grade, students also meet individually with their assigned counselor for a private college conference. Students work closely with their college counselor culminating with the completion of the common application by the year’s end. 

We have an annual visitation program from many top college admissions representatives to discuss and inform juniors about individual colleges.

A Financial Aid Program is available in early October with an expert on financial aid.

The August before senior year begins, the counselors meet with students and families to finalize college choices.

Senior parent night, College 401, is scheduled for early in the fall to discuss the application process and to answer questions. 

The month of September-January are devoted to the actual filing and processing of the college applications. Counselors guide senior students in an extremely personal matter and develop long lasting relationships.

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