SSLI Engineering Students at CIJE Conference


Mazel Tov to our SSLI Engineering students for winning 2nd place overall at the CIJE Young Engineers Conference in NYC today! Mazel Tov also to SSLI students Ben T. and Michelle D.  for winning third place for their individual project!

The CIJE Innovation Conference, the largest Jewish day school robotics and STEM event, took place on May 7, 2017,  at the NY Hilton (1335 Ave of the Americas). The conference was comprised of three events:

CIJE’s 5th annual CIJE-Tech High School Engineering Program presentation, where over 1200 high school students shared how they used their engineering studies to solve real-world problems.

A high school robotics competition.

The I.D.E.A. Schools Network’s second annual MakerXpo, where schools and organizations create interactive booths celebrating STEM and creativity.


CodeMonkey  Winners of National Coding Competition


Learning to code is becoming a part of the curriculum in K-12, a trend which is expanding rapidly around the world. Code literacy is considered essential not only for future software engineers but for many other occupations as well. A secondary benefit afforded to students learning to code is the development of algorithmic thinking as a basis for problem solving. This type of thinking is a crucial enabler for obtaining important 21st-century skills

Throughout April 2017, CodeMonkey, an interactive platform that introduces students to coding, ran Code Rush, a computer coding competition. This competition was in partnership with DK Publishing for teams of elementary and middle school students throughout the country. Under the guidance of Mrs. Sokoler, our Educational Technology Integrator, two teams of 10 children each in grades 3-5 competed in this month-long nationwide coding marathon. Teams were challenged in 140 levels of programming topics such as objects, functions, simple loops, variables, arrays and for-loops. The goal was to complete as many CodeMonkey challenges as they could, earn stars and collect bananas.

The members of the Schechter Code Rush Team are: Ben D, Zachary D, Ethan P, Jordan B, Natalie G, Risa R, Rob S, Shay G, Talia H, and Yael P.
The members of the SSLI's Code Rush Team are: Aaron B (5th grade), Aaron B (4th grade), Rebecca B, Ilana H, Jacob C, Jesse K, Katie J, Micah B, Ruby E and Sean S.


Congratulations to Schechter's Code Rush Team and SSLI's Code Rush Team for winning CodeMonkey's 2017 national coding competition.

Click here for the Schechter press release. The original press release can be found here.


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