Academic Support


The Schechter Upper School provides academic support in a number of ways.  Students needing support services may receive these educational services in our Schechter Academic Learning Center.  The Learning Center staff,  Mrs. Stacy Dooling, Ms. Rachel Berman, Mr. Adam Heimann, and Mrs. Melanie Ginsberg, are experienced in working with students with a variety of learning styles.  In addition, Schechter partners with the Mineola School Committee on Special Education to provide services to students who have Individual Education Plans (IEPs).  The entire Learning Center faculty works closely with all the Schechter teachers to ensure that students’ needs are being met both in our learning center and in the classrooms directly.  There is regular communication with the School Counselling Department as students encounter the  emotional components of academic issues. The Learning Center staff also meet regularly with the College Advisors as students are guided through their college application process. The goal at Schechter is to give each student what he or she needs in order to reach his or her full potential and succeed in the world beyond Schechter.

Melanie Ginsberg
Director of Pupil Services



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